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10.03.2017 The World Animation & VFX Summit

Brain Zoo’s own Mo Davoudian is speaking on the:

Riding the New AR/VR  Wave All the Way to the Bank, Tuesday, October 31

panel at The World Animation & VFX Summit. As one of the leading experts in the VR and AR industry he will share his insights, experience and his vision for the future of the business!

07.03.2017 We are moving to a new, larger location!!!!

09.23.2016 Kidscreen talks with Mo Davoudian, of Brain Zoo Studios about the future of VR, and kids content.

Check out the STORY here!
Thanks Kidsceen for a great article!!!


07.12.2016 Upload VR talks with Mo Davoudian, of Brain Zoo Studios about the future of VR.

Check out the STORY here!
Thanks UPLOAD VR for stellar article!!!


03.03.2016 Animation Magazine announcing “Console Marinez VR Series.

Check out the STORY here!

Such exciting News!!!

02.10.2016 Animation Magazine’s awesome article on NORA.

Check out the STORY here!
It’s a new chapter in the history of Brain Zoo!!!


02.09.16 Brain Zoo Unveils our next Film “NORA”!

Finally we can reveal the internal film Brain Zoo Has been working on. “NORA” has arrived!!!


12.18.2015 AWN celebrates Brain Zoo Studios 20 amazing years of creative, in a great article!

Check out the STORY here!


10.01.15 Inxile and Brain Zoo team-up and get $1,519,680 Million on Kickstarter!

We made it happen together! Bard’s Tale 4 got its funding on Kickstarter and production is underway!!
Congratulations Inxile!!!!


09.01.15 Disney and Brain Zoo team-up for Infinity 3.0!

One of the most successful franchises, Disney Infinity 3.0 fly’s in to a galaxy far far away, and Brain Zoo helps make it happen!!


04.01.15 Sick Bricks launches worldwide and Brain Zoo helped lead the charge!

Sick Bricks explodes on to the scene with multiple Episodes airing on Cartoon Network in Canada and USA. We had such an amazing experience working with the crew at Spin Master Toys. A wonderful creative collaboration that spanned Episodic, TV, promotions, advertisements and mobile gaming!!!


03.10.15 Ultimate Spiderman Goes CGI With Brain Zoos Help!

Brain Zoo partners with Marvel and Film Roman to take Ultimate Spiderman in to the future. Spiderman joins Spiderman 2099 to battle the Green Goblin in this new adventure which airs on Disney XD in March.